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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: Herätys - S/T 12"

(Not Enough)
Too short. This album is entirely too short. If it were any longer, though, maybe I wouldn’t be listening to it over and over again. Snappy snare, swamped bass drum, two-toned crashes hurl d-beats all over the room and against your head like a drunk punk in a tin waste-can factory. Relentless. Piss-whine feedback and wanked strings find an avenue over air-fisting breakdowns, neatly sandwiched between gravel walls of frantic riffing. The vocals implore you to shut the fuck up for a minute, because that’s how long the song needs to start and finish. These Sweden-dwelling Finns harken back to their forefathers, electroshocking Kaaos sensibility into 21st century hardcore. A 12” pressed for infinite flipping.
(Alex Moysaenko)

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