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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekly News Update (Thursday 28//October)

New Releases:

The Freebooters - Ordinary Level Oi CD (Distro-y)
AFA Street punk from Legendary Irish band. ex- The Dagda, F.U.A.L. Bleeding Rectum.


Trenches CD (Self Released)
5 songs of heaving heavyness that puts you into a hipnotic trance of DOOM!!
Roxor - s/t 7" (Totalitarianism still continues)
Raw punk / d-beat from these Slovakian D-Beaters
HJERTESTOP - "Musik for dekadente ører" E.P. (Adult-Crash)
4 new hits by the Hjertemaniacs. Catchier than the flu in november...
NUKKETEATTERI - "Tervetuloa helvettin..." E.P. reissue (Adult-Crash)
Great Finnish hardcore punk released in 1982 brought back into circulation...
Frustration - s/t 7"(Inimical)
Dark punk approach to a motorhead sound

Out Soon:
Contort - An Island of Noise in an Island of Silence Tape (Distro-y)
New noise, distort punk Irish act from Ireland
Glöm Dä! - "I skuggan av eran stia" 7"(Distro-y)
Second 7" of Scandicore from a great Swedish band
Giftgas Attack - Noise Hero 12"
Debut 12" from Swedish Noise D-Beat Attack band
SISTA KRIGET - S/t - 7" (D-takt Raw Punk)
Eight tracks ep of pure old school raw punk power.
KVOTERINGEN - Storfinansen - 7" (D-takt Raw Punk)
Total Raw punk from Sweden
Mansklig Ladugrad - s/t ep (Phobia)
Debut ep by these Slovakian brutal D-Beat/Crust heroes
Warprayer - "Blood Crusade" CD (Underground Movement)
UK Crust/Punk featuring ex/members Ripcord/Bulletridden/Napalm Death

We are also looking for more writer's for D-Beat Beater, to help keep track of new and upcoming releases and to also do reviews of records so if you think you would be up to it get in touch,

P.S. we have been finding harder and harder to find info on new and upcoming releases so please get in contact with information, it is a great way to advertise as we get around 300 + views a week so please get in touch,

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