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Monday, November 8, 2010

Okkultokrati—“No Light for Mass” LP

Revisiting genre staples with restrained, subtle taste, Okkultokrati prove modest and mature in their artistry. I was instantly reminded of Arckanum by the metal moments and Protestant in the punk parts. Gruff, gruff vocals: harsh, spiteful. The drums chop and cruise at times, riding like Hellhammer, somersaulting other times in Sabbath fashion, weaving in and out with a beefy, Clydesdale d-beat. The album churns and chugs and sways and sags and sprints and plods and gallops. It features enough detuned, crane-necked riffing, grated chord-work, rung-out tones to satisfy all manner of heavy-music fans. This LP is humble in its battering, never lunging at gimmicks or over-reaching or masturbating for its audience. If I had to choose a single word to describe “No Light for Mass” it would be solid. (Okkultokrati have also released the equally ripping, slightly more punk “Knarkskog” EP and are currently working on a new 7”, entitled “Ingen Veit Alt.”)
(Alex Moysaenko)

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