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Saturday, November 13, 2010


(Back 2 Front Productions)
This split cd release of legendary punk band Oi Polloi and KT with both bands contributing 2 tracks each and all profit from the release going towards the rebuilding of the Cyklopen centre in Stockholm that was burnt by neo Nazis. Maybe it is me that I find that when bands do split cds I don’t enjoy them as much compared to 7 inch releases but what do I know?
Oi Polloi need no introduction and in my eyes one of the most important punk bands ever more, kicking off this is split cd is Cyklopen: one of the weakest Oi Polloi songs that has been written, if Dikki vocals were removed this would be a stereotypical new metal song for me personally this an automatic skip when listening to this ep. The next track System is one of the best Oi Polloi songs they have recorded it has a great chorus that will have crusties,punks and skinhead all singing along and plenty of the energy to boot also.
The problem I have with KT side of this split is that Phoenix and Gaza sound like Oi Polloi apart from a louder and distorted bass sound. Phoenix and Gaza are very good songs that are in a Conflict/Motorhead vein and these songs should be judge separately and given its merit but with Dikki in both bands and his sings/shouts style of vocals is always recognisable .I found that I could not tell which is the Oi Polloi side and which is the KT side I thought on the first two listens that the Oi Polloi side was KT songs and vice and versa.
The booklet is very impressive going into great detail about the construction of the original Cyklopen and a great insight into a new alterative to squatting due to the EU and the police states getting heavy handed about squatting. The artwork for the KT side is poor and looks like something from one of the Harry Potter books while the Oi Polloi is simple and more striking to eye but people aren’t gonna buy this split due to the artwork and at 5euro going to a good cause and 3 out of the songs being very good this is a well worth purchase in recessionary times .

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