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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review: Nuclear Death Terror - Total Annihilation 7"

(Plague Bearer)
This 7" has been out a while since Autumn last year, if I am not wrong, but it deserves to be praised as its dirty, heavy and Crust as fuck. This is a 3 track ep which originally was suppose to be part of a four way split CD/LP VISIONS OF WAR/ INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL/GUIDED CRADLE which would have been one hell of a record. But anyway we now have this great 7" of Apocalyptic Crustcore. The 7" as a whole is just a complete crustal assault on the senses with hard hitting crusty hardcore, chunky riffs thrown in there and with seemingly eerie little solos fading in throughout a song, with growling vocals barking out lyrics of song about self destruction and living in todays culture, a culture of nothing. In essence everything about this record is fairly crusty from the gritty layout to the scrawled writing and old type writer font, to the cover which screams apocalyptic crust to the music which is a real charge to the head. The 7" in all is an absolute killer, just like all of their releases before.

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