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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weekly News Update (Thursday 1//July)

This week we have a part which is a section that is the record of the week for us. we will continue this every week from now on, and please send us news aso we can continue!!

New Releases:

Finisterre - Bitter Songs LP (CONTRASZT!)
Finisterre debut LP after two years since their split with Alphinist, comes "Bitter songs" a record full of melancholic songs about the bitterness of life. Expect dark, but melodic Hardcore sorrounded by a heavy D-Beat drumming and fronted by a brutal female voice.


Amebix - Redux LP/CD (Profane Existence)
Crust Punk legends re-recorded tracks with current line up
Fall Of Efrafa - the last year DVD (Halo Of Flies)
A restrospective DVD of the final year of Fall of Efrafa.
AGRIMONIA - Host of the Winged CD (Profane Existence)
blackmetal gloom with a healthy dose of crust punk influence
Raw Nerves - S/T LP(Inimical Records)
Raw, heavy hardcore with a political edge
Protestera - 01.05.1886 LP (Skuld Records)
fast aggressive and powerful hardcore with thoughtful lyrics
Raw Nerves - We Must Be Dreaming 7" (Inkblot Records)
Raw, heavy hardcore with a political edge
Spectres - Visions of a New World 7"(Whisper In Darkness)
real post-punk sound but with a hint of anarcho
Downfall Of Gaia - Epos LP (Urban Dentist)
Down-tempo hardcore neo-crust
Totalickers - “El poder absoluto aniquila la vida” LP/CD (Grita o muere)
Brutal d-beat punk from Barcelona,
ESKUPE “Romperlo todo” LP/CD (Grita o muere)
UK 82 style punk from Barcelona
Bad Taste,Totalickers,Hijxs Teredxs and Entierro 4 Way LP (Grita o muere)
4 spanish bands playing crust/hardcore
Totalickers/Power is Poison split(Grita o muere)
Spanish D-Beat vs. Dutch Anarcho

Out In July:
Burnt Cross/Cress split 7" (Out July on Distro-y/Tadpole + more)
UK Anarcho Punk meets Legendary Anarcho Crust Punk
Expendable Youth - The Exposing of the Immortal Truth LP(Out 7th July Distro-y)
USA Metallic hardcore Crust with strong lyrics
A Fight With SledgeHammers/Filth Tribe split 7" (End of July Distro-y)
Crusty sounding hardcore meets anarcho hardcore
Only Fumes and Corpses - Who Really Cares, What Really Lasts LP/CD(Out July)
Hard hitting Melodic Hardcore from Ireland
Disorder - Predition (Sysdumb Records)
Gut splattering UK82 Legends
FREDAG DEN 13:E - Under Iskallar Fanor LP (Civilization Records)
Hard Hitting Swedish rocking hardcore scandi-crust
AGRIMONIA - Host of the Winged CD (Skuld Records)
blackmetal gloom with a healthy dose of crust punk influence
Makabert Fynd - det var bättre förr - LP (Yellow Dog)
Frantic hardcore played with raging urgency

General News:
Subhumans (UK) will have a new 4-way split double CD coming out soon called 09:09 Split Fusion with A-Political(Belfast), 1000 Drunken Nights, The Lobotomies. This CD was recorded live in stereo on 09:09:09 – excellent quality double CD and 12 page booklet benefit for Warzone Collective. This is a quality recording and contains a few rare tracks too! It should be available very soon.

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