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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Band Profile: Purefaction

I just seen Putrefaction last weekend and they were absolutely amazing as always one of my favourite bands, there music just absolute Gritty Post-Apocalyptic Crust. That is play with such unrelenting passion and fury it just knocks your socks off, the lads have been together 5 or 6 years now and amazingly have just released their 'Destroyers' demo CD-R//Cassette a few years ago which you can download,

I feel the best way to describe them is MAD MAX CRUST just unrelenting punishing and uuugggghhhhhhh!!!! They are recording a LP in a month which will be hopefully out on Distro-y Records and Underground Movement sometime later this year. They are also playing with Hellbastard on the 9th/April in Dublin! But in the meantime check them out here:

Download: 'DESTROYERS'

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