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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Krang - "The Bog of Eternal Stenchcore" 7"

(Self Released)
This some wretching stenchcore that is more verging on a hardcore sound than the more metallic sound that seems to be associated with a lot of stench bands. This 7" starts off with a little tune that seems to just creep and lurk along before KRANG finally just kick into gear with 'the Bog' which is some nasty sounding punk with the song seemingly haunted by the tune at the beginning,
Flipping over Krang seem to slow down leaving behind the ferocity of side A for a more slow down heaving sound until half way through this side they kick back in spewing out aload of energetic stench once again,
Overall a cool debut would love more power behind the sound, but still good none the less. The art alone deserves a review of itself with some cool goblin style fantasy of a wretched bog and the poster included is just a master piece and a must see.
(Alex Distro-y)

Krang - http://www.myspace.com/krangcrustards

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