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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: Fear of Extinction - Demo Tape

(Phobia Records)
From the get go this is an absolute thundering demo with power that is hard to truly express, but will give it a shot anyway, the bass just seems to trundle through the whole demo as if a support for everything else but it just gives an intense sound of distorted power. Which is complimented by some heavy hitting drums and a noisey guitar which just drones with the bass to give the demo a distort dooming hardcore sound and to top it all off early Discharge style vocals which just makes this a fantastic demo, also comes with a patch and a sticker but thats not why you should get this demo it's cause it is deadly, the patch and sticker are an appreciated bonus with the demo.
(Alex Distro-y)
FEAR OF EXTINCTION - http://fearofextinction.blogspot.com/
PHOBIA RECORDS - http://phobiarecords.net/

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