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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Band Profile: DESPERAT

We have decided to start a new part to our webzine blog and it is simpley on the basis of new bands to look out for and just a bit of general info so hope you enjoy this band any others we feature.

From Sweden arrives another great band, DESPERAT more so veterans of the punk scene if I may so, but that does not take away any of the energy they still play that infectious racket of hardcore that Sweden just churns out. "Formed in summer 2009 as a power trio." they enlisted Jocke on vocals into the band earlier this year, Their sound is best described as a raw 80s sound of just pure old school hardcore plain simple and brilliant.

Oh ya and if all of what I just said hasnt caught your attention members feature: MOB 47 and Warvictims. Expect a LP later this year but in the mean time here is a music video to give yous a taster.

(Alex Distro-y)

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