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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekly News Update (Thursday 17//June)

New Releases:
Power Is Poison / Totalickers split 7" (Punmpkin Records)
Acclaimed Spanish D-Beaters Totalickers split with Dutch Anarcho Punkers
GLAM - S/T 7"(La Vida Es Un Mus)
Frantic Spanish ultra agressive hardcore.
INSERVIBLES - demo 2008 7" (Shogun Records)
Mexico Metal/Hardcore Punk with Satanic vocals.
Totalickers - El Poder Absoluto Aniquila La Vida LP(Shogun Records)
Acclaimed Barcelona D-Beaters 2nd LP
Jesus Bruiser/Warcoma split CD (Pumpkin Records)
UK anarcho-crust split with Warcoma who play epic hardcore punk
Toxic Holocaust / Inepsy split 12" (Tank Crimes)
US thrashy rocking hardcore and Canadian Bad Ass rock n roll hardcore
FREDAG DEN 13:E - Under Iskallar Fanor CD (Black Seeds Records)
Hard Hitting Swedish rocking hardcore scandicrust
URSUS - s/T LP (Stonehenge)
Spanish D-Beat Crustcore ex-Cop On Fire, Ekkia, Leadershit

Out In June:
Burnt Cross/Cress split 7" (Out June on Distro-y/Tadpole + more)
UK Anarcho Punk meets Legendary Anarcho Crust Punk
Expendable Youth - The Exposing of the Immortal Truth LP(Out July Distro-y)
USA Metallic hardcore Crust with strong lyrics
Only Fumes and Corpses - Who Really Cares, What Really Lasts LP/CD(Out Late June)
Hard hitting Melodic Hardcore from Ireland
Misantropic - "Insomnia" CD (Out June)
Swedish heavy hitting hardcore//Crust
Finisterre - Bitter Songs LP (CONTRASZT!)
Melodic Crust hailing from Germany
Disarm - Discography 1982 - 1987 Cd/2x12" (Out June on D-takt & Råpunk)
Gothenburg 1980s legends Disarm Discography one of the fore runners of Scandi Hardcore
Krossa - S/t 7" (Out June on D-takt & Råpunk)
Repress of the fast selling Japanese Distort D-Beat Hardcore
Fall Of Efrafa - the last year DVD (Out June on Halo Of Flies)
A restrospective DVD of the final year of Fall of Efrafa.(Preorder available now)
Downfall Of Gaia - Epos LP (out end of june)
Down-tempo hardcore neo-crust(Preorder available now)

Please send us information on upcoming and new releases as otherwise we cannot post if we do not hear about them!!

With every weekly blog post we are going to start including adverts in them this week ad is Distro-y all money from ads will go straight to printing of the next issue of D-Beat Beater which is a benefit zine for the Warzone Collective Belfast so get in contact it is very cheap to advertise.

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