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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Review: Electric Funeral - Make A Change Cassette

(Distort the World Recs)
And I thought the first tape was good. This is another 8 - tracks of
1 minute and something of pure distort D-beat. I feel the songs on
this are a bit more catchier especially my favourite track 'Warface'
great little sample intro for it. This is some brutal distort and played
exactly perfect it is infectious noise that you cannot stop listening to.
The lyrics hold up as good as the noise with songs about Consumerism,
the training for the mentality of war, and how we are slaves to TV and
the internet. This is some very solid stuff and I can see them becoming
a strong element of distort D-Beat in the next few months with their
releases beginning to start to line up.
If you like Noise punk get this tape and their first and everything else
they release.

(Alex Distro-y)

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