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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Band Profile: URSUS

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, comes URSUS with some frantic hardcore that is tight as fuck and crusty as fuck too. Their Crusty hardcore style is fairly infectious as otherwise I do not think I would be writing about them, in thus saying that it may come as no surprise when you hear that members of URSUS have been in Cop On Fire, Ekkaia and Hongo bands to have set the bar for hardcore music but this should be no reason why you like a band it should because of URSUS's top notch tunes, check them out for yourself:
Link: http://www.myspace.com/barbarianpunx

Currently URSUS are finishing up a tour of Europe so if you are lucky you might just catch a gig but if all else fails their LP is out on StoneHenge Records and Crust As Fuck Records. Below is a video of Ursus from the Swedish Leg of their tour:

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