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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Band Profile: Electric Funeral

Electric Funeral
I have review this band twice so far and have praise the noise and the distort that this band bring to the table, and they fairly bring it. Now on there third demo "Gröndalen" and on the verge of making it on to vinyl LP in next few weeks I thought this band needs to be recommended to all you noisy D-Beat Beaters out there. Three demo's of 8 tracks a piece of just complete noise devastation. With songs of all the usually nature of punk bomb raids, animal right and the destruction of the earth all behind a wall of noisy high voltage raw distort D-Beat attacks.
Electric Funeral vinyl debut is set to be out on Shogun Records in a few weeks time there is also two 7"s in the pipeline "make noise, not war" (detonate rec.) and "harvester of death" (crucificados).
Shogun Records
Electric Funeral LP
Electric Funeral LP
Electric Funeral LP

Download all three Demo's from Distro-y Records Website
Link: 1st Demo D-Beat Noise Attack
2nd Demo Make A Change
3rd Demo Gröndalen

1 comment:

  1. Metal people would love to have these tracks on their death.