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Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekly News Update (Thursday 6//August)

New Releases:
Spectres - Last Days LP(Whisper In Darkness)
After a couple of 7" Spectres have released their debut LP which is a mix of Post-punk and peace punk. Think Joy Division mixed with The Mob.

The Estranged – The Subliminal Man LP/CD(Dirtnap Records)
ten tracks of icy, ominous postpunk.
Autistic Youth – Idle Minds LP (Dirtnap Records)
Driving, melodic punk/hardcore with dark, swirling undercurrents.
Upheaval Fanzine #13 (Radical Records)
interviews with HELLOWAR (Indonesia), MALAZLAR (Turkey) and AGITATOR (Serbia)
Rubella Ballet - Never Mind The Day-Glo Here's LP (Overground Records)
20 tracks from the band’s most successful period
HELLBASTARD Heading For Internal Darkness LP(Threat from the Past)
Lengendary Metal Crust punks
Aokigahara - Jukai 7" (self-released)
Debut 7" of this band from Finland playing Japanese Hardcore influenced

Out Soon:
Disorder - Predition LP(Sysdumb Records)
Gut splattering UK82 Legends
MURDERESS - The Last Thing You Will Ever See... LP (Aborted Society)
Debut LP by these broding metallic D-Beat Punk,
SISTA KRIGET - S/t - 7" (D-takt Raw Punk)
Eight tracks ep of pure old school raw punk power.
KVOTERINGEN - Storfinansen - 7" (D-takt Raw Punk)
Total Raw punk from Sweden
Mansklig Ladugrad - s/t ep (Phobia)
Debut ep by these Slovakian brutal D-Beat/Crust heroes
FREEDOOM "Doomed Contitions" LP (Iconoclast)
powercrustcore trio from Portugal
BHOPAL "Age of Darkness" LP (Iconoclast)
blackened death crust from Italy
BLACK SEPTEMBER "The Gates Beyond" LP (Iconoclast)
blackened death metal from Chicago, US
Guided Cradle - "Both Albums CD Reissue" 2xCD (Underground Movement)
Both albums of the metallic crust/dbeat legends in one
Warprayer - "Blood Crusade" CD (Underground Movement)
UK Crust/Punk featuring ex/members Ripcord/Bulletridden/Napalm Death

Scum'WINTER'fest 2010 will take place @ the Bussey Building on Sat Dec 4th. All proceeds will be in aid of Gary Critchley who has been wrongly imprisoned since 1981. Line up to be announced soon!!!

We are also looking for a new writer for D-Beat Beater, to help keep track of new and upcoming releases and to also do reviews of records so if you think you would be up to it get in touch

P.S. we have been finding harder and harder to find info on new and upcoming releases so please get in contact with information, it is a great way to advertise as we get around 300 + views a week so please get in touch,

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