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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: Upheaval Fanzine #13

A4 cut and paste black and white zine, which had been in the making for a long time as the content show and also as the writer Craig has declared it within his little editorial but that doesn't matter it means you get to read reviews of releases you may have once missed out on hearing of or sadly may have completely due to them being sold out since, however what I love about the reviews is there is loads of them and the issue contains 100+ reviews of Hardcore Punk bands from over 30 countries and this is exactly what I like about this zine instead of focusing on entirely US or Swedish or Japanese bands as many fanzine tend to do(D-Beat Beater being guilty of such acts), Craig goes about showing there is Crust and Hardcore in other places too, with reviews of releases from China - Turkey of course there is the odd Swedish and US review to, there is also interviews with Hellowar (Indonesia), Malazlar (Turkey) and Agitator (Serbia) giving a look into punk scenes elsewhere, and also an interview with some local Boston punk legend that gives you a small bit of info on the writers local scene of Boston(US). Nice small reads great for picking up with a cup of tea as to read reviews and little insights on the world of punk, the physical construction of the zine could be a bit more reader friendly however.

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