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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Review: Finisterre - Bitter Songs LP

(Rinderherz, Contraszt, Halo Of Flies)
Finisterre debut LP since the split LP with Alpinist who went on to delivery a fantastic LP, so now it is Finisterre's turn to live up to what Alpinist created and they do with a crushingly emotionally epic record which when it kicks in it gives you a good kick as well with strong vocals which you can feel passion with in. The first song 'Orwell Nation' starts off with a nice slow intro of just a crushing intro before putting it into full throttle and blast you with drums that catch you in a moment before the vocals grab you and make you go 'YES I FUCKEN LOVE THIS'. There is a good bit of emotion and passion that comes off this records through both vocals and guitars. Fairly fancy lyric book, with the lyric's contained featuring topics such as the surveillance of our daily lives,EU laws against immigration, sexism. Songs come with explanation which I just I love as it gives you that bit more to read and really invokes your feelings toward the injustices of this world.
Rinderherz - www.rinderherzrecords.ch.vu/
Contraszt! - www.diyordie.net/

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