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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: Freedoom - Doomed Condition LP

(Iconoclast,Ravachol Records)
One of the only bands I know from Portugal releasing there powerful crustcore on us through "Doomed Condition" LP. Playing a D-Beaty hardcore along the lines of, yes thats right a Scandinavian influence. They have a gritty raw energy which has grabbed my attention for the day, there is nothing new but here but I just cannot stop spinning. From listening to them I get a strong links from riffs and sounds that make me think of Wolfbrigage but what sets Freedoom apart is they have just a bit more of a sharper abrassive sound whihc is something I prefer.
All in all 10 songs - 6 in English, 4 in Portugese with English translations- of nice raw guitars in overdrive abrassive vocals and constant d-beat drumming making this nothing but a solid LP but all in all nothing new.

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